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Facebook has come a long way from the time when it was primarily meant for college campuses. With its massive growth and adoption throughout the world, this social networking platform is the preferred marketing tool for the business world today. With more than one billion daily active users on an average at present, Facebook offers you an unmatched online marketing channel with a reach that no other channel can deliver. With our Facebook marketing services, you can leverage this platform to strengthen your business and extend its reach to get new leads and customers.

What we offer

Our Facebook marketing services include:

  • Creation of Facebook Pages for Business: Get a custom Facebook Page designed to share your business and products/services with Facebook users. We design a page that will act as your business’s public profile and enable you to share information about your business with fans and followers, connect and engage with them in a better way, listen to them, seek feedback and make your message reach out to them easily. With Galjaardt Consulting, you can get your own customized, graphically enhanced fan page that uses the Facebook Markup Language widget to let you promote your brand and business efficiently.
  • Facebook Places: With this feature, your potential customers can “check in” to your business store when they are in close proximity to your store’s geographic location. We can help you leverage Facebook Places to let your Facebook followers and their friends know where you are and entice them with new offers or discounted deals, thus connecting with them in a completely new way and give your business a boost.

  • Facebook Advertising: Trust us with the launch and management of your Facebook ad campaigns. Our creative team can design and develop text and graphics of your Facebook ads to help you reach your target audience easily. From targeting users by gender, age and location to making your ads relevant by linking them to social actions and gaining insight about how your ads are getting clicked, our Facebook marketing services can do a lot for your business.
  • Custom Facebook Badges: Let our team develop a custom Facebook Badge for your business that your supporters can use to show their support for you. Encourage them to post messages on their wall in your support with your Facebook Badge to spread the word about your business and drum up some publicity for free.
  • Statistical Monitoring and Reports of Your Campaigns: By combining Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, we can let you know your Facebook marketing campaign’s progress in detail. From knowing who is engaging with your Facebook Page and ads (demographic data reporting) to getting insight into your marketing campaign’s expenditure vs. conversion rate, our reports keep you updated about everything.

To get a custom Facebook marketing campaign developed that helps you reach and engage with this rapidly growing audience of millions of potential customers on Facebook, contact us today.

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