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John Galjaardt is an entrepreneur from Brisbane Australia. Loving the excitement in travelling I went on to manage casinos on cruise liners. I worked with casinos for 10 years. My enjoyment was in the maths, I always liked working out the big sums without a calculator. A tool not allowed in casinos. Once I was over living out of a suitcase I quit and moved back home to Australia.

I worked in franchising then learned much about the business model and started selling franchises Australia wide. I lasted around 7 years until found a new passion.

I learned all I could about successful trading using candlesticks, moving averages and the study of volume. I traded the Crypto markets very successfully.

During my travels I noticed many young travellers making a living online, I became curious. I studied 3 business models and liked them all, affiliate marketing, drop shipping and Facebook ads as a DFY service.

Moving into social media ads to directly match up businesses with clients for the best ROI. It is amazing to me how I can write an ad and put it in front of the people looking for that service or product. How accurate zero waste.

I am a digital marketing consultant helping companies attract new customers and profit from Facebook advertising. I have become an expert in Facebook advertising and social media marketing as a whole. I have a strong hold on social media ads as this is where his best ROI has come from, giving the client the biggest return on ad spend.


One thing I love is clarity. A clear vision of what needs to be done and what to do next. It’s so good when you start working with a client that is clear on the goal. For me, I have one job to make my end work, that is to write an ad that generates a consistent flow of more new leads, get new customers in the door. Business owners job is to turn the leads into long-term paying customers. I know my job. They know theirs and we work together to make a good mutually beneficial long term growth partnership.

Imagine a client not making the calls to book new customers in. This can be very frustrating to watch all that potential go down the drain. This is why it is so important to have a perfectly constructed system.

A Light Went On In Asia

This is a very small part of my story. I was sitting on a beach in Vietnam with my family wondering where life would take me next. What was my calling? I had seen lot’s of digital marketing nomads in Asia and decided to look into it further. I have always had a desire to help people. Not really knowing how I was going to do it. Then I came across Digital Marketing. Facebook advertising to be on point. Imagine being able to advertise for a business and do it so well it actually changes the lives of the people involved. This could be such an awesome and mutually beneficial partnership. How exciting it is to go to the office every day. I could work at helping business owners get more clients using Facebook advertising. Take the product to the people that need it right now. How good would that be, I take your product and put an ad campaign together then deliver it to the exact people looking for your product. If someone mentions anything about your product in a message we can put the ad in front of them.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the net. Check out some of these numbers. Around 20% of adults spend approximately 40 hours online every week. In this time, social media takes 33% of the 40 hours. 37% of the people who shop online admit that they get their inspiration from social media. 72% of online consumers hope that their favourite brands will share discounts and sales on social media. If you are a big or small business, yet to take social media advertising seriously, the numbers here show social media is an instrument which you cannot continue to ignore. If you are after the best results, look into social media. paid advertising over or in addition to organic advertising. While you might have to deposit a few dollars at the start, the results are well worth it. Contact me for a chat, I will be happy to help take your business to the next level.

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John Galjaardt is an entrepreneur from Brisbane Australia. Loving the excitement in travelling I went on to manage casinos on cruise liners. I worked with casinos for 10 years. My enjoyment was in maths

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